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GHP - Grosvenor House Publishing for self published authors
Graham Taylor - author of Shadowmancer

Why not have your own website designed to promote your book?

just £299 for 2 years

First thing;

Be aware that you will only be able to choose from one of our templates - we cannot customise each and every website. However, we will work with you very closely about your look and colours of your website. If you are happy with that then read on!


Choose a template;

Decide which template best suites your book and style. Style 1, 2, 3, 4,5 or 6 (more soon to  be added)


Text for your pages;

Sit down and write ALL your text for each page - please remember if you change text or pictures after the design, we will have to charge you - so get the text confirmed before you send it to us.  


Get all your pictures together;

Locate all the pictures you want to place on your website.  Please also remember that we DO NOT want you to send us the high resolution large files - small and low res please.


Stock Photos;

Wherever possible we will use any stock photographs to help with the look of your website. Up to 5 pictures are included

Domain Name;

Then think of what domain name you would like us to try and purchase on your behalf. Example;  Please think of 2 alternatives incase your main name is already taken. Remember to keep it short and simple - you could even have your




Please supply us with the email address you’d like us to place on your website.  Please note, we DO NOT set-up unique email addresses - we will use your existing address.


Book chapter example;

If you’d like to include an example chapter from your book, please let us know what chapter you’d like us to encode - we can do that from your pdf on our system. Non GHP authors should send it to us.


Search engine submission;

Please think of a 50 word paragraph about your book.  This will be the paragraph used to upload to the search engines. Remember to use as many words that are key to your book and subject with your name.

Keywords for search engine;

Please supply 25 key words/phrases for submission.  These will be words that you think are most likely to be entered in a Google search like - John Doe, author Jon Doe, Jon Doe’s life on mars, life on mars, life on mars book, book called life on mars,jon doe life on mars book, etc.


Ready to go?

If you’re still happy - send a cheque for £299/£399 made payable to Grosvenor House Publishing and we will contact you with a design date.  Once in the diary - we aim to complete it within 7 days.

After 2 years?

After 2 years of GHP hosting your website you have the choice to take your website files to someone else to host your site, or we can continue to host and maintain it for you. For a further 1 year it will cost £59 or 2 years £99 - this will include re-registration of your domain name and our server space. The choice is yours.


PLEASE REMEMBER - we will work with you as best as possible to get your website looking great. It is our aim to design your website to suite your book and to make you proud of giving your own website name to people.

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