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GHP - Grosvenor House Publishing for self published authors
Graham Taylor - author of Shadowmancer

Why not have your own website designed to promote your book?

just £299 for 2 years

“As one of the first to make use of this service from GHP I am still coming to terms with the options it opens up. A professionally designed site, it increases the chance of sales to those interested enough to check it out. The possibilities of widening the viewing base are literally endless by linking it to other sites, not necessarily of similar interest. Encouragingly I've found it has resulted in sales, directly or indirectly, that I would probably never have had. An extremely useful addition to the normal methods of sale”.

Jim Penny - Author of Albannaich

Here are comments from a select number of authors that have commissioned GHP to design their website;

“Nowadays, if you have something you want to tell people about, a web presence is a 'must have' rather than a 'nice to have'. I was bowled over by the site that Jason at GHP built for my book. I don't speak or understand web jargon but Jason listened to what I wanted, gave great advice in layman's terms and was incredibly flexible, helpful and patient. The whole look and style of my finished site was totally in keeping with the style and tone of the book. Many people who've shown an interest in my work have commented on how great they thought my site was. It was up and running in next to no time and was excellent value. You definitely need a website for your book and I highly recommend GHP to build it for you.”

Charles Elford - Author of Black Mahler


Website design for author example6

“I have been very impressed indeed by the service offered by Grosvenor House Publishing in building my website. They offer a very good choice of designs, all of which provide the key ingredients needed on a book-seller's website and allow for individuality, while taking out the agony of trying to create a design from scratch. Jason is a real star: good at his work, very responsive, open to ideas, never says "Can't", in short a real pleasure to work with. I feel I got very good value for money. Thank you.”

Peggy Strachan - The View from the Ladies Tees

“I can heartily recommend GHP’s website-creation service, and am very glad I took up the option.  Although we have tinkered with it a bit since, the site was basically ready within a calendar month despite a major change of design at the start (from psychedelic to sombre).  I was particularly impressed with Jason Kosbab’s readiness to change his own conception, and very quickly turn it into something better than I could ever have designed by myself.  First class job, and I have no doubt it will greatly facilitate the sales of the book.  Thank you Grosvenor House, and thank you Jason.”

James Gordon - Rocky Foundations

The website is great, I’m more than happy with it.

I can't believe that my book is now on dozens of site around the net, free ad sites, book listing, amazon, etc. (who knows maybe I’ve actually sold one or two)

Andy Leach - 365 Days of Lyrics


I could not have had a more able, patient and devoted collaborator than Jason  of Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd.  I thank him with all my heart for his work. I find the design of my website terrific. It shows how the difficulties often arising between three creators, the writer, the printer and the designer, can be overcome brilliantly.

Marcelle Kellermann - A Packhorse called Rachel

“I am thrilled to have a website designed by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. for my book, especially when it is linked to the popular Google. The design is impeccable with free provisions of pictures relevant to the scenes and themes of my book but without the fear of being accused of plagiarism and of a page counter to give information about the number of readers having visited the site. The service has also proved to be extremely efficient as it has taken just about a week to put the site in operation”.

Louis Kwong - Author of The Forbidden Dream


Jim Penny - Author of Albannaich

"In designing and building my website have found GHP both tolerant and keen to give a high quality of service for very reasonable cost. The time taken to build a GHP website is quick and the final results are very impressive indeed bringing excitement and satisfaction to the client. I am very happy to recommend this excellent service to all my friends and whoever has interest. Many thanks GHP for a fantastic job".


Cardinal N. Walkin  - Author of Praying for Miracles


Jim Penny - Author of Albannaich

'Best value for money I ever spent! I wanted a simple but sophisticated site - chic, creative but easy to use and to read! I got it and was particularly impressed by the speed, accuracy and professionalism with which Jason accomplished this at a time when the rest of the world was on vacation but I NEEDED that site to be active on Google - which it was!'


Brigitte Downey - Author of Diaries of a Cultured Cat

Website design for author example6

“I am grateful to Grosvenor for what they have done for me, and if you want to experience the sheer joy of seeing your imagination in the tangible form of a book, then you should contact them. For in the lonely and sometimes desperate world of the writer, it is a great comfort to know that the people there will be only too willing to help when the inevitable glitch rears its ugly head.”

Cornelius Rainsford - 666 and a 9 millimetre

"I have been made to feel, not like a paying customer, but rather more like a valued member of the writing community.  This is extremely valuable to me as my work has not been published through the ‘usual’ channels.  All of this has been possible by the professionalism and consistent attention to detail from Jason.  No matter what my needs and requests were, Jason approached them (and me) with sensitivity and willingness and the result I think speaks for itself.".

Mary Blue  - Author of Beginning Comprehension



“Having self published my book through GHP has taught me a lot. So many things I would have had to do by myself, were provided by GHP. The ISBN, the book cover, book type setting, printing and the design of a website - hosted for 24months. Even though all this is paid for, there is peace of mind that professionals are in control. I do not regret it one bit. Many visitors have been to my website leaving comments that are very encouraging about my book and the website. I am delighted that I came to know GHP via the internet search engine. Thank you for my beautiful book and website. The website is of high quality and I do not need to worry about anything for two years. I am blessed.”


Lydia Taiwo - Author of What A Life

"Indeed, I am thrilled to have a website and thank GHP for making this possible with my first novel in mind. To look forward to having sales as a result is what I expect from this well designed business opportunity.  The fact that I am new to the game - and have not yet achieved my potential - does not worry me.  So I can look forward to achieving those great expectations of my own in due course, quite sure in the knowledge that others have already created their ambition of high book sales in the past.   Rest assured, I have faith all will go well."

John Lawson - Author of Love and Conflict


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